Super Team


production line starts producing simple valves for the domestic market


the design of thermocouple and thermostat valves was completed and mass production for the market took place.


the establishment of one of the group companies, Imensaz Laleh, producing thermocouple sensors for


the design and production of burners, together with valves, supplemented Pars Shir's offering and the company became a


supplier of the full range of components for gas cooker appliances. Pars Tose Co., the newly established company is responsible for producing burners, placed in Parand, Tehran,


Pars Shir Manufacturing Group Co. is the first producer of gas cooker appliances in Iran, was established in 1982 with only 6 employees, it has now got over 500 employees. Pars Shir is based in Saveh (100km away from the capital city of Tehran, Iran) and having its main office in Tehran. In the past few years, Pars Shir is becoming important for its competitive prices and its high quality products, benefiting low costs of labour and raw materials. The main markets are now known to be Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, France, and the UK.